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An Exciting Collaboration!

From the outset, I established my business, daniel(ink.), with a commitment to giving back. Drawing from my personal experience with cerebral palsy and the support I received from organisations like the Ability Centre, I decided to donate 10% of t-shirt profits to them. This initiative has been a source of pride for me since starting daniel(ink.) two years ago. Additionally, I'm excited to announce a new collaboration with SIDS & KIDS, designing two Red Nose Day t-shirts. 50% of profits from these sales will support their efforts in saving children's lives and aiding bereaved families. The designs are available on daniel(ink.)'s website,, and, as well as at our market stalls throughout June to August 2015.

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Dan, under the mentorship of Antony Muia, has been supported by DADAA funding this year to advance his art practice. Ant visits Dan at home, they collaborate in Ant's studio, or attend exhibitions together. Their relationship goes beyond traditional teaching; Ant guides Dan while allowing him freedom to explore various art practices independently. They discuss art techniques, styles, and Dan's paintings, along with everyday topics. Ant values their time together, fostering Dan's growth and encouraging him to push artistic boundaries, evident in Dan's recent work on small canvases.

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