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About Daniel (ink)

This is an online store of original t-shirts designed by me, Daniel Pavlovic. I didn’t set out to be a t shirt designer, I really wanted to be a comedian, but I’d done a couple of illustrations in art class, screen-printed one on a tee, and my friends wanted one.


That set my Dad off discussing how this could be an opportunity for me, and after quite a few nights of this, I thought it was a good idea too (and yes, maybe it was a way to keep the old man quiet for a while).

That’s how my little t shirt business, Daniel.Ink, came into being.  You may think, so what, just another kid with an idea.  But it has literally given me a whole new direction in life, a new focus – did I mention I have Cerebral Palsy?

CP affects the muscles in my legs and hands.  I’ve had corrective muscle surgery numerous times, I’ve worn plastic splints for years, I have to exercise daily, I’ve stretched and stretched, and I’ve pretty much had botox everywhere. I also go to Physio, and a Psychologist.  I tell you it’s a job in itself having CP!

I mostly get around in my wheelchair, but I also have a Gopher, a walking frame, sticks, an all bells and whistles chair for basketball, and a converted car to suit my needs as I now have my Driver’s License.

Don’t get me wrong, life maybe a challenge, but I am enjoying that challenge!   Which brings me to giving something back.  It was important to me from the start that I could perhaps help those that I have received so much from.  So, we at Daniel.Ink have decided to donate 10% of all profits to The Centre for Cerebral Palsy in Western Australia.

In addition our promise to you is to give you an original design, on a good quality t shirt at a reasonable price, that you can continue to enjoy for many years.

Now, instead of my Dad talking to me all the time about having a business, he talks to me about my business!  Just joking Dad!