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Birth and Death

When I was still at high school I started TAFE for an afternoon a week.  I realised pretty quickly that I enjoyed painting so decided to enrol 3 days a week after finishing up at school. I’ve had some great teachers and helper’s - having CP you need some help during the day.  I’ve also been really lucky living around the corner from Robert Juniper and benefiting from his advice, from time to time.  For those of you that don’t know Robert was an Australian artist, art teacher, illustrator, painter, printmaker and sculptor. To me he was just Bob, a really cool tall guy who always  wore a black waistcoat and hat. A year or so ago I did a screen-printing unit and as a result of that my first design was born.  #5.  (I refer to my designs by numbers, not sure why, I just do).  I screen printed #5 on a t shirt, brought it home and started getting good comments from friends. Last year was a hell year for me with health problems, so didn’t go to classes much.  But it sparked the conversations with my Dad about setting up my own business.   Strange how things work out, Daniel.Ink emerged from what I was learning at TAFE and my health problems. Sadly, my friend Robert Juniper passed away at the beginning of this year.  Forever grateful for your help Bob.  
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