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The best afternoon tea is served in Darlington every Sunday

Last November I set up a store on our local oval selling Danielink t-shirts for the first time.  It was part of the Darlington Arts Festival and the weather was so bad I thought they would cancel the whole thing! The guy in the store next to me, Terry, loved my tees and he bought one for himself.  He told me he has three sons and one of them is in a wheelchair, he knows it’s not easy to look after someone in a chair.  Terry also plays cricket with the Darlington Social Cricket Club. He asked me if I was interested in scoring for them.  I said yes, but I was nervous, I didn’t know one thing about cricket.  It’s not a game I’d ever participated in as you may imagine.  But, all the players have been really understanding, helping me to score if I miss something and explaining the game to me, and I’ve made lots of friends there. I enjoy going down every weekend, gets me out of the house for a few hours and…they have the best afternoon tea ever!  Great sandwiches, lovely cakes, fresh fruit, biscuits and the team help me make tea or coffee.  Cricket anyone?

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