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An Exciting Collaboration

From the very beginning I always knew I wanted to make sure that in business I gave back to others. Having cerebral palsy and knowing first hand how organisations such as the Ability Centre can help people like me, I knew that when possible I wanted to focus on how I could also help others. As you are probably aware (if you have checked out my story), since I started Daniel(ink.) two years ago, I have always donated 10% of profits from the sale of my tees to the Ability Centre (formerly known as the Centre for Cerebral Palsy), which is something I am super proud of and continue to do. I also have something else I am feeling pretty...

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I have an arts mentor, Ant Muia. This year I was lucky to receive funding through DADA to help me continue to develop my art practise. Ant comes to see me at home or sometimes I go to his house studio or an exhibition with him. To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect, but what I’ve found is that we’ve developed a great relationship where I feel comfortable to explore different art practises, to learn from Ant, and to try things for myself. It’s definitely  not like having a teacher, Ant may guid me, but he let’s me develop my art by myself. We also do lots of talking, about all sorts of things. Art obviously, different...

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Perth Upmarkets

I was very excited when I heard that Danielink was accepted in to be part of the September Perth UpMarket. This was our first time and I was hoping to meet lots of new customers. And I wasn’t disappointed. Wow, what a day!! So many great stalls and so many people all day long. Dad and Anna worked all day selling my designs while I chatted with so many new customers! Thanks to everyone for approaching Danielink with such great interest. I am really looking forward to being a part of the November upmarkets. Look out for a few more new designs coming up. Daniel.

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Hi, I’m Daniel Pavlovic and I have a little t-shirt business

A little T-Shirt business that makes a big difference. Hi, my name is Daniel Pavlovic and I’m the proud designer of daniel(ink) T-shirts. We also, for all the right and obvious reasons, proudly support The Centre for Cerebral Palsy by donating part of our proceeds. You’ll be more than supporting the growth of this fun venture. You’ll be making a difference in a kids life. A kid just like me. Thank you in advance. (You’re going to buy a T-shirt right?…aaaaahahahahahahah)… Of course you will!

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